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Ladies’ night at home + cocktails + scandalous secrets… what else could you want on a Friday night?


Miranda, Gertrude, Lola, Shauna and Claudia are five friends living in Chicago. They meet up on Friday night to get their ‘groove on’ ready for the weekend. But they don’t want the typical club and partying scene. Instead, they all agree to meet at Claudia’s place for a small gathering and a night of drinking, eating, partying…and revelations.


As the night unfolds, it becomes obvious that all of the ladies have personal secrets and struggles that they’ve never shared with anyone… until tonight that is. Cue the dramatic music and have your popcorn at the ready!


Ladies Night Unmasked is a written adaptation of the successful play of the same name. Author and Creator, Karen Abbott-Trimuel, invites you to join the best Friday night party without having to leave the comfort of your own couch!


This laugh-out-loud comedy/drama short novel is full of twists and turns - sure to keep you on the edge of your seat shouting, “Oh my God!” as the night goes on…

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Ladies Night Unmasked is also available at Barnes and Noble and other online bookstores and ebook platforms

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