Karen Abbott-Trimuel

Karen Abbott - Trimuel (playwright) has had a passion for writing since early childhood and her inspirations come from real life situations.  Her goal is to make people laugh, think about their life choices and make positive changes.  She’s using the stage as a platform to inspire, motivate, encourage and offer solutions.


Karen has been writing for almost 20 years beginning with her first stage performance in January 2000 entitled “Hear Our Cries Lord”.  She has established an outstanding reputation for writing quality entertainment and has written, directed and produced several hit plays, such as “It’s Not What’s on the Surface”, “Recession Proof”, “The True Meaning of Christmas”, “From Broken Pieces to a Living Testimony”, and a host of others.  Karen says, “If I can touch one life in a positive way my life’s purpose will never be in vain”. 


Get ready world, Karen has a host of productions on the way to change the world!