Alicia Hightower (Gerty) is a mother of two sons and currently resides in Merrillville, Indiana. She discovered the love for the arts at the age of seven, studied ballet, modern jazz, and was selected to audition for the Nutcracker. Alicia performed in “It’s Not What’s on the Surface” written by Karen Abbott-Trimuel. She loves to read, write poetry, teach God’s word and is an exceptional motivational  speaker. 

Melissa Abbott (Lola) is a veteran in the acting arena with almost 20 years of experience and countless KGT Live productions under her belt, such as…”Hear Our Cries Lord, It’s Not What’s on the Surface, and Recession Proof”.  She has a natural ability to transform any role into her own.  She’s a devoted mother of two sons and enjoys the freedom of expression that theatre offers.

Jaton McCree (Miranda) is no amateur to theatre and has a deep love for acting and singing.  She has over 20+ years of acting experience and has been singing since she was a little girl.  Jaton has appeared in Karen Trimuel's past  productions entitled "Hear My Cry, Lord", "Recession Proof", and "From Broken Pieces to a Living Testimony".  She has appeared in productions at the Black Ensemble Theatre, ETA Theatre, and the Acts of Harvey Theatre Ministry.  She's a professional vocalist with superb acting abilities.  Jaton is a dedicated wife, mother, and grandmother.

Jeanelle Hampton (Claudia) is creative, free-spirited and new to the world of acting.  She has a Post-Masters degree in Organizational Leadership, a Master of Science degree in Human Service Administration and is a seasoned professional with the State of Illinois. Jeanelle is an author, sewing instructor, and the owner/designer of Nellie Jean's Classic Wraps.  She is a wife and mother dedicated to a family "woven together by choice and strengthened together by love." (check out Nellie Jean's Classic Wraps on Facebook and like her page)

Mika Whitson (Shauna) is new to the acting arena, but has always had a desire to act and a love for the arts.  She’s a mother of one daughter and was encouraged by family and friends to step out on faith and give acting a try.  In Mika’s first appearance in a KGT production she has definitely stepped up to the plate as a new actress and discovered her hidden talents. 

Delmar Amos (John) is no amateur to theatre.  He appeared in Karen Abbott - Trimuel’s first production entitled "Hear Our Cries Lord".  He is the equipment manager/director of the audio visual ministry at his church.  Delmar is a devoted husband and dedicated father to his four children.

Jesse Graham (Mr. Williams) is no stranger to theatre.  He gave a phenomenal performance in the hit stage play "Recession Proof" and "From Broken Pieces to a Living Testimony".  Jesse is also a poet, loving husband and father of two.