Gammon & Karen Trimuel


Our mission is to inspire, motivate and encourage through various forms of entertainment.


KGT LIVE PRODUCTIONS was founded by the producers Karen & Gammon Trimuel, Jr. and is a live entertainment production company specializing in theatrical productions, musicals, concerts and other forms of live entertainment. KGT strives to produce and promote quality events while showcasing local talent.  Along with their production company Karen and Gammon own and operate a successful asphalt paving business, Gamm’s Asphalt Services, LLC and both are considered to be jacks of all trades. They are proud parents of three children and grandparents of three grandchildren.  

Karen Abbott-Trimuel (KAT)

Director, Producer, Poet, Playwright, Author, and Motivational Speaker

Since childhood, Karen has always been passionate about writing and storytelling. Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, IL, her biggest dream was to create stories for television and stage. 


After attending Taylor Business School, she worked as an assistant for various c-suite executives of fortune 500 companies for over 30 years. As the years would continue, she never forgot her passion, and on the side, when her daughter, Melissa and son, Brandon would fall asleep, Karen pulled out a pen, her little notebook and started writing—mostly poetry and theatrical plays.

Her first stage performance in January 2000 was entitled "Hear Our Cries Lord." She has established an outstanding reputation for writing quality entertainment and has written, directed, and produced several hit plays, such as "It's Not What's on the Surface," "Recession Proof," "Ladies Night Unmasked" and many others...

With enormous support from her fans and her family, Karen decided to turn one of her amazing stories, "Ladies Night Unmasked" into a novel and share it with more people around the world!  She currently authored, "Check Your Assets & Know Your Value - A woman's guide to becoming her authentic self."

Gammon Trimuel, Jr.

Director, Musician, Vocalist, and Actor


Gammon's love for music began at the early age of 9 years old when he joined the school band and began playing the saxophone. He has spent a lifetime performing as a musician with several R&B bands/groups, such as Eric & Smoke, AZ-1, as well as a gospel quartet (The Shepherds of Zion).  He is known for his tantalizing skills with the saxophone and keyboards, as well as his angelic vocals.  He's also a member of Shining Star band which plays tribute to Earth, Wind, and Fire.

Gammon's previous acting experience includes plays such as "The Swingin' Pied Piper," "You Must Come in at the Door," "Hear Our Cries Lord," "It's Not What's on the Surface," and "Recession Proof."