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WAR - Women Are Rising & Unmasking Their Stories

It's that time again Ladies... Get Ready for the 3rd Annual 2023 WAR - Women Are Rising & Unmasking Their Stories Experience.

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About this event


We invite you to attend our 3rd Annual WAR-Women Are Rising & Unmasking Their Stories banquet. This year we're 'Unleashing the Power to Forge Ahead.' Be prepared to be inspired as our phenomenal panelists share their incredible stories of forging through life's battles and RISING to victory and success. This year we have decided to include more gems so that you walk away with information to enhance your life after the event ends. You will learn how to RISE through obstacles, survive traumatic experiences, repair your credit, improve your financial position, and skincare from a licensed esthetician.


The WAR experience encourages women to persevere and overcome obstacles that hold them back from pursuing their personal and professional dreams, goals, and aspirations.

This event is for every woman:

  • Prepared to Rise to the woman she is destined to be

  • Ready for the next phase of her journey

  • Seeking inspiration and encouragement to forge through obstacles and forge ahead

  • Looking to make changes in their personal life or professional career

  • In need of healing from traumatic experiences

  • In search of a supportive sisterhood community

  • Ready to bet on herself and WIN BIG

  • Seeking an opportunity to network with other phenomenal women doing amazing things in the world

  • Don't delay in becoming a part of the WAR experience. Let's RISE together!

  • All are welcome - homemakers, entrepreneurs, career-oriented, those ready to start new adventures and seeking to ignite their inner power.


Our special panelists are:

  • Melissa Abbott, Legal AnalystJLL

  • Dr. Kalyani Gopal, PhD, HSPP, Clinical Psychologist, Forensics and Neuropsychology, SAFECHR

  • Jackie Pryor, Entrepreneur, Frontline Credit , and

  • Jasmine Renee, Entrepreneur, Jasmine Renee Skin & Make Up

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